Friday, August 22, 2014

Images from E-Vapor-8

For those who missed the show, or want to see hints again, here are images from the exhibition at Site Sheffield. From above Adham Faramawy, the entrance work was Daniel Swan below.

Room 1:Travess Smalley and Jeremy Deller, Adham Faramawy and Fatima al Qadiri and Sophia al Maria, Fatima al Qadiri and Sophia al Maria.  

Room 2: Harry Burden, Marisa Olson, Rhys Coren, Petra Cortright, overview of room with Petra Cortright, Rhys Coren, Marisa Olson and Alexandra Gorczynski.

Friday, August 15, 2014


The install of Soho House Chicago is finally complete and I'm super proud. I hung around 250 artworks in total including some exceptional gems by Matt Connors, Lan Tuazon, Kerry James Marshall, Angel Otero, Rashid Johnson, Friedrich Kunath, Harland Miller, Wolfgang Tillmans and Josephine Meckseper.

Special thanks for the help and company of Chicagoans Rebecca KressleyAndrew Rafacz, Shane Huffman, Marzena AbrahamikEvan Gruzis, Cody Hudson and the incredible and charming Donnie Madia (who has the best restaurants in the entire world), Jesse Katzman and David Vatran my dream Soho House chefs and everyone else I met and drank Negroni slushies at Parson's with...

E-Vapor-8 is also ending tomorrow. Got some nice coverage from Art Monthly, Furtherfield, This is Tomorrow and Culture24 among others, as well as little mention in Vogue. You can watch the four hour Talking Art and Rave study day here too.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rave Studies

E-Vapor-8 is still running up in Sheffield and I'm still super proud. Install images to come. 

The Study Day is also booked for Sunday August 3! Artists from the show including Jeremy Deller, Rhys Coren, Harry Burden, Lucy Stokton, Adham Faramawy and Lucy Stokton are all coming up discussing the ideas of technology, intellectual and physical freedom, rebellion and myth making in their work.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

B is for..

B is for Basel.
Here is my selection of people to discover for Artsy and four more tech interested artists for Postmatter.
I'll be doing a run down of the best bits for Dazed this week. Particularly intersted in checking out the 14 Rooms Hans Ulrich Obrist and Klaus Biesenbach show (another B), including Ed Atkins above.

B is also for Bernadette Corporation.
My feature on the collective, originally written to coincide with their shows at the ICA and Artists Space, is now online at Dazed Digital. A big monograph is published by Artists this year.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Rave Day

To coincide with the opening of E-Vapor-8 at Site Sheffield (which runs until August 16), I helped curated Rave Day online for Dazed Digital.

It included the text of the feature I wrote on the influence of rave on artists, a new dA-Zed of the legacy of rave, a curated selection of artist films by Cory Arcangel and Frankie Martin, Rhys Coren, Jim Woodall, Christian J Petersen and Levack and Lewandowski, and an old school rave mix by Ben Bracket. 

The show has also had some nice mentions including an interview with exhibition artist Alexandra Gorcynski extended profile on Culture24 and a preview in the Guardian Guide (pictured below!)